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Höfnin Restaurant As Authentic as it Gets

If you’re looking for an authentic seafood experience you need look no further than Höfnin restaurant, which is as safe a bet as they come – run by descendants of sailors, situated in an old baiting shack down by the old harbour in Reykjavík with a stunning view over the boats and fishermen.

 Höfnin restaurant is run by husband and wife Brynjar Eymundsson and Elsa Guðmundsdóttir who have dedicated the restaurant to their fathers – one a fisherman and the other, the head chef the famous Gullfoss passenger ship. Brynjar himself started out as a chef on his father’s boat and hasn’t looked back since. Brynjar and Elsa’s son is also following in their footsteps, being a chef at his parents’ restaurant and a member of the Icelandic Junior Chef’s Team.

A Linage of Sailors
Brynjar and Elsa had both been in the restaurant business for years when they heard that plans to demolish the old fishermen’s huts down by the harbour had been scrapped and were instead to be renovated with new businesses. They were selected out of more than 70 applicants and opened up last summer in the now bustling neighbourhood. “When I first heard about the new plans I immediately thought of the unique location with views directly over the harbour. I myself was raised down by the harbour in my hometown, so we immediately felt as if this was our new home,” says Brynjar.  They took care to preserve the spirit of the old fisherman while redecorating and now you’ll find tasteful photographs of the area from olden times with informative captions in English.

Exquisite Views
“The view is, of course, a major attraction, but we’re not counting on the view satisfying our customers by itself. We are well aware that the food and the service are what the customers expect to be of top quality and we’re quite sure that we’ve got that well covered,” says Brynjar, laughing.

It should come as no surprise that Höfnin specialises in seafood, though they do serve meat and vegetarian dishes as well. When asked for recommendations, Brynjar says jokingly that he’s equally proud of all their dishes. “We stand by all our dishes wholeheartedly and take special care in offering only what we think is the absolute best, so you see why I have a hard time recommending one dish over another,” says Brynjar. Höfnin is, however, already becoming known for their excellent mussels and the all-Icelandic “plokkfiskur.” 

Höfnin offers a relaxed casual atmosphere during the lunch hours with special offers and a bistro menu (for the adventurous, try the Sea Captain’s stew, an all-Scandinavian Viking special.) The evenings make for a more elegant outing with starlit views and top class meals.

Geirsgata 7C • 101  Reykjavík 
+354 511 2300



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