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Reykjanes Rendevous From Reykjavik to Another World with Salty Tours
When you fly all the way to Iceland, you must be expecting something different from the normal holiday destination. You will certainly have a completely different experience from the baking beaches of the Mediterranean.
You can take a trip through history, stand on two continents see boiling mud pools and geysirs, volcanos and lava fields. You can see shipwrecks, the result of the powerful seas and eat shark meat, washed down with the local brew, Brennivin. Best of all, you can do all this in one day and still have the rest of your holiday to explore the remainder of the country!

Salty Tours will collect you from your Reykjavik hotel for a tour unlike any other.

Reykjanes is the home of the Blue Lagoon, the amazing geothermal pools set amidst the lava, famous for their healing properties. For now, though, the tour will take you a few kilometres past this popular attraction behind the mountains and lava to see the awesome geothermal areas close to the coastline. Driving to volcanos and2 multi-coloured hills and boiling mud pools in the geothermal areas, past the shipwreck thrown clear over the rocky coast by the power of the waves, the tour takes you past small farms and the bustling fishing town of Grindavík to stand on the fissure dividing Europe from the Americas.
Driving can be rather boring unless you’re with a guide who is passionate about his work and his country. Introducing Þorsteinn, who will regale you with stories from history, folk tales old and new, fascinating insights into the landscape, culture and society that makes Iceland what it is today.
Þorsteinn’s tours have received rave reviews on from some of those who have taken his tours. They make worthwhile reading to prepare you, in some measure for the totally unexpected sights and experiences the tours introduce you to.
Iceland is not know for its forests, but if Þorsteinn has his way, there will be a tree with your name on it growing here. He started his ‘Plant Your Own Tree in Iceland’ tour that has proven a big hit with visitors. Part spontaneous, part planned, this tour varies according to the weather - and weather changes quickly here! After picking out your tree from a plant nursery, you drive off in one of three directions to plant it - and leave your mark on the country for generations to come.
Salty Tours runs tours to numerous other destinations - all beginning with a pick up from your hotel. On the Reykjanes tours, though, you will be able to relax and ruminate on your whirlwind visit in the warmth of the Blue Lagoon, before one of the frequent scheduled coaches takes you back to your hotel after a great day. Having taken this tour, I can ony echo the rave reviews. And be sure to take your camera!

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