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Eat Thai
Genuine Thai cooking at Krua Thai will leave you wanting more
I say it unashamedly, I love Thai food! Genuine Thai food, that is. The flavour is just so delicious when you have the real thing.
In Reykjavik, in the white building opposite the old harbour, is a restaurant called Krua Thai which just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. To have not just survived but to have become so popular over those ten years is a testimony in itself to the kind of food the restaurant creates. This is the restaurant that visitors from Thailand and other asian countries come to, as its reputation has spread across the world.
Icelanders have traditionally embraced new things and they quickly discovered the succulent taste of Krua Thai’s many flavours compared to the comparatively bland Icelandic cuisine. Whether curries or noodle dishes, there are meals to suit every palate and every age group.

Good food doesn’t have to be expensive

Good restaurants often have a reputation for quite high prices but this is one restaurant that bucks that trend. You will not be putting a big dent in your bank balance by eating here and yet the cuisine is good quality. Running a Thai restaurant in Iceland has its own challenges, as the foods that are available in Thailand just don’t exist here! Resourcefulness has been the key to success in Krua Thai. To ensure the sprouts are fresh, for instance, they grow them here themselves. Only the ingredients that are not dependent on being fresh from the field are brought in from Thailand. The others are locally produced. The chefs use their skills to blend the two together, producing their own creations that are both Thai and yet just that little bit different from regular Thai food to be both enticing and enjoyable.

Enjoy your Dinner Party - without the work
Krua Thai is used to cooking for crowds and dinner parties for large numbers are both taken in stride and economical for the party host.

From Phone to Home
Perhaps you just want a night in. No longer does that mean TV dinners nuked in the microwave that have as much goodness as eating cardboard. One phone call and your dinner will be delivered to your door anywhere within the Greater Reykjavik area. With their good sized portions, no-one will leave the table or couch feeling hungry!

When You Want It
Whether you want a good lunch or dinner, at the restaurant or at home, Krua Thai provides the service that will leave you satisfied. The menu is extensive and the prices are reasonable, too.


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