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Delivering the Right Pitch - Caruso
Caruso’s Range reaches the high notes
The rich rendition of Caruso’s signature pizza, cooking in a wood-fired oven, along with the aroma of sautéed garlic, waft over passers-by, giving this corner of Laugavegur’s buzzing restaurant scene a distinctive Italian flair.
The unmistakable three-storey, lemon yellow house remains a local favourite for pizza and pasta as well as fresh fish and rich, gooey chocolate lava cake.
Named after the famous tenor opera singer, Enrico Caruso, the restaurant blends the quiet opulence of an opera singer’s private rooms with the cheery warmth of a family restaurant. An attentive host greets each guest as they enter, guiding them to their table for an experience that can touch everything from the sweet symphony of romance to the sparkling tones of a lively dinner with friends and family.
Caruso’s repertoire is reflected in its menu which spans pizza, topped with fresh arugula, complemented by slightly salty parma ham to lavish meals suited to a robust opera singer’s appetite for life and food.
An overture of grilled scallops or mushroom tops, stuffed with blue cheese and garlic sets the stage for the next act, fit for the tenor himself.
The highlight of the evening is the main dish of cannelloni filled with Camembert, seasoned ground beef and spinach on a bed of lettuce.
A finale of panna cotta sprinkled with fresh fruit and strawberry sauce adds a finishing touch to the meal. An offering of fine wines lends each course its own special embellishment.
Owner José Luis Garcia, enhances the restaurant’s reputation by conducting a dining experience that resonates from floor to floor.
The ground floor bustles with the cheerful strains of conversation that float along with the aroma of succulent dishes.
The second floor offers a quieter alternative, with its large windows overlooking Laugavegur and a comfortable lounge to sample Caruso’s selection of spirits before or after your meal.
On the third floor, an assortment of instruments dot the walls while a classical guitarist performs each Friday and Saturday from 8 till 10 pm.
All floors cater to larger groups with a separate room on the second floor that is ideal for special occasions.

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