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Reykjavik Bicycle Tour in Winter
The best way to see the city any time of the year
If you’re in Iceland in winter, your friends back home probably think you’re a little crazy. Tell them you went on a bicycle ride around Reykjavik in the snow in December and January and they’ll know you’re crazy!

Meet the Locals
The thing is, you only live once and time is too precious to waste wandering aimlessly around any city. Instead, you can see the most interesting places in Reykjavik in a fun, efficient and educational way accompanied by an enthusiastic local guide. What you learn on the tour will help you make the most of your time in the city for the remainder of your stay.

What do I see on the Tour?
You’ll see many classic sites in the city centre as well as some places in the suburbs often missed by foreign visitors. Most importantly, you’ll have a great time while doing light exercise and learning about the city in a fun way. The popular Classic Reykjavik Bike Tour (2.5 hrs / 7 km) is available all winter. The cycling part of this tour is easy and suitable for anyone who knows how to balance a bike. Contact Ursula or Stefan for a tour

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Eldri tölublöð
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