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The Klondike of the North
Hvanneyri Guesthouse Invites You to Experience the Essence of Iceland
While staple tourist attractions can be rewarding and often easily accessed, all too many visitors leave the country without ever having experienced the true essence of Iceland. You won’t get any closer to it than in a genuine Icelandic fishing town, as the proprietors of Guesthouse Hvanneyri in Siglufjörður Bay will attest.
Katrín Sif Andersen, one of the owners of the family-run guesthouse says that, while Siglufjörður may not be as well known as many of Iceland’s other attractions, those who do make their way there never regret it. In fact many who intend on staying only one night wind up extending their stay for several days – such is the beauty of the Tröllaskagi peninsula, on which Siglufjörður is located.

The Herring Era
In the mid-19th century, Siglufjörður was the primary location of herring fishing during the so-called ‘Herring Era’. The amount of herring that was landed in Siglufjörður was so substantial that it amounted to 20% of Iceland’s total exports during the peak years, leading the town to be dubbed the Klondike of the North. The herring eventually disappeared but the people of Siglufjörður stayed behind, including the family in Hvanneyri Guesthouse. The patriarch of the family had in fact worked in Siglufjörður’s fishing industry in one way or the other since he was six years old right up until the last fish processing plant was closed this year.

Family Affair
Recognising that herring was far from the only thing Siglufjörður had to offer, the family has lovingly set up a much-needed service to Siglufjörður’s visitors in the form of a Guesthouse. It is located on the main street and is thus within arms reach of the town’s restaurants, shops and bakery, making it an ideal location to set up base during a stay in Tröllaskagi. The selection of accommodation is surprisingly wide, ranging from dorms to lavish suites, something which Katrín and her family are especially proud of – offering something to fit each and every customer’s taste and budget.

Returning Friends
As you can imagine when dealing with a family-run business, Guesthouse Hvanneyri places special emphasis on giving their customers as personable and friendly service as possible. “We feel as if our customers appreciate this and many of them keep coming back. In fact I just received baby gifts for my newborn baby from one of our customers. I guess it doesn’t get any more personal than that,” says Katrín.
 The town itself has a lot to offer in itself. Just by interacting with the friendly folk of Siglufjörður, you see a slice of Iceland you perhaps won’t see at more popular tourist spots. In addition, the people of Siglufjörður are particularly proud of their museums: The Herring Era Museum and the Folk Music Centre, where you can delve into Iceland’s folk music heritage, thanks to Rev. Bjarni Þorsteinsson, a one-time resident of Siglufjörður, who diligently collected and documented hundreds of folk songs from the year 1880 onwards.

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