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Impeccable Rub 23 Restaurant
One of Akureyri’s finest
Every now and then I come across an outstanding, special place - be it bistro or bar, restaurant or relais. One never forgets those gastronomical ‘aha’ moments when the food becomes something extraordinary; lifting you from the mundane to the magical.

What is a ‘rub’?
One such place that stands out as truly memorable is Rub 23 Restaurant, right in the heart of that wonderfully picturesque north Iceland town of Akureyri. A ‘rub’ is, of course, the culinary term for a variety of spices and herbs that are applied to meat, fish or vegetables before cooking and this is where Rub 23 has taken the concept all the way. Rubs such as magic pepper, garlic-coriander, creole, Arabian, Indian, and Asian are just a few of the 11 different exotic spice blends available to choose from to coat your choice of rib eye steak, fillet of lamb, chicken breast or any number of fresh fish that come straight from the waters around Iceland.

Delectable sushi
Now, I have to confess something here. I have not always been a big fan of sushi. I’ve tried it a couple of times in other parts of the world and was not impressed.
But Rub 23’s sushi dishes, including sashimi, nigiri, makisushi and inside-out rolls were of such a high quality that I can say without a doubt that I am now converted. Served with a variety of perfectly paired sauces and condiments, this is a must for sushi lovers. There is even a sushi take-away menu for those midnight sushi snacks.

Specialty of the house: Sushi Pizza
A specialty of Rub 23 is the popular and surprising Sushi Pizza which is not what you think it is—it’s better. But you’ll have to go and taste that one for yourself, as I don’t want to give away any house secrets. Another house specialty to try: Ten Ten Three Tempura made with lobster and arctic char.

No to burgers and fries!
Equally impressive is Rub 23’s children’s menu. No burger and fries appear on this menu and if you ask for it, there is only one answer: No! The delight of discerning parents, the children’s menu is adventurous - sushi for kids, blue mussels in jus, deep fried arctic char, and a down-to-earth chicken BBQ rub for the less adventurous—all served with potatoes, vegetables and/or salad. 
Owner/chefs Kristján Kristjánsson and Einar Geirsson have created a restaurant that amply showcases their combined talents and where they have free reign to create inspired culinary works of art. The one word that stands out here to describe Rub23 is ‘impeccable’.
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