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Bohemian Rhapsody
Hotel Aldan in Seyðisfjörður is a timeless classic brought up-to-date
The narrow, curving fjörd of Seyðisfjörður cuts deep into the land, leaving behind a flat town flanked by mountains that rise up behind it.
Seyðisfjörður is the port the ferry from Europe comes to, bringing cars, campers and backpackers to Iceland. Before starting their tour, its relaxing to walk through this small bohemian town with its 19th century Norwegian fishermen’s homes sprinkled throughout. Its boom began with herring entrepreneurs who built their fortunes upon fishing and erected its houses in the golden years of 1895-1922.
Hotel Aldan was originally built in 1898 with 19 rooms and soon earned a reputation as one of the best hotels in Iceland. Following this period as a hotel, it became the location for Seyðisfjörður’s bank but is now restored to its former glory with seven double and two triple rooms. Its historical look has remained intact, though the owners have added modern conveniences expected of a contemporary hotel, such as en suite bathrooms, wireless Internet, and a television in each room. Rooms can also be joined to create a suite which can to sleep four to six people.

A restaurant filled with local ingredients
Hotel Aldan serves a breakfast buffet every morning at its café and restaurant a few minutes walk from the hotel, with an assortment of fruit, yogurt, cereals, and bread with a selection of meats and cheeses. Hotel Aldan’s restaurant is open throughout the day for lunch, dinner or just coffee and cake. The menu draws from the ingredients found in the immediate surroundings, with vegetables from Vallanes’ organic farm, all meat and fish from Iceland, and wild herbs and mushrooms picked fresh from the forest each autumn.

Activities and interests abound
Hotel Aldan is located near Skálanes Nature and Heritage Centre where visitors can learn more about ecology, natural history, geology, archeology, conservation and traditional skills to give them a deeper insight into the area.
Active pursuits such as kayaking, biking, sailing, sea fishing, and hiking are plentiful around the fjörd and Hotel Aldan’s staff can point visitors in the direction of places to go and things to do during their stay.
For those interested in art, Skaftafell offers a gallery and an artist-in-residency programme, which delves into the local art scene.

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