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A cosy fireplace, sauna, home-made food and pastries in Breiðdalsvík
Breiðdalsvík village, (pop. 139), in the south east part of Iceland is too often bypassed by travellers heading for the towns of Egilsstaðir or Höfn in Hornafjörður. This is a great pity because Breiðdalsvík deserves a much closer look.
Breiðdalur Valley is the largest valley in the eastern part of Iceland which makes it ideal for farming. At the head of the valley lies Breiðdalsvík village built around its fishing harbour. A trading post was established there in 1889.
Today’s travellers find various services in Breiðdalsvík such as a heated swimming pool with a hot tub, sports centre, petrol station and car mechanic, grocery store, a bank, a post office, and an outdoor market in season.

Hotel Bláfell
Hotel Bláfell, with 25 rooms is a focal point in the village and for a good reason, too. Hosts Friðrik Árnason and Hrafnhildur bought and renovated the hotel in 2009. It is constructed in part from natural wood, which gives it a warm, log cabin feel. Some of the interior fixtures are adorned with semi-precious stones found in the area.
Hotel Bláfell offers standard and deluxe rooms with a bathroom, TV and telephone. Downstairs there is a comfortable sitting room with an open fireplace and a wireless Internet available to guests at no additional cost. Conference and meeting rooms are available for 30 and 120 people respectively. A sauna offers relaxation to weary travellers.
Whether you are looking for an invigorating holiday resort in which to unwind in the serenity of nature, or simply longing for a hearty meal as you drive along the Ring road on your way somewhere else, the owners and staff promise that Hótel Bláfell and Breiðdalsvík village will leave you with good memories after your visit.

Kaupfjelagið coffee shop, crafts and local food
Kaupfjelagið coffee shop is in a refurbished old building diagonally across the street from Hotel Bláfell. Originally it was a general store but today it is the tourist information centre, local hand craft market, and coffee shop.
The coffee shop serves meals made from local produce, home-made breads, cakes and pastries and is open all year round.

Winter activities

Travellers who visit the area in winter have plenty do to. The Northern Lights are a favourite. There is hiking and ice-climbing and guided horse riding tours all year.
There’s a mineral museum next door to Hotel Bláfell dedicated to the semi-precious stones found in the area.
The local sports centre has an outdoor hot tub and fitness centre. It is open to the public Monday to Friday from 16:00-20:00.

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