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Vik-wool Unravelled by Vikurprjón
The early settlers of Iceland set the tone of the country by dotting its empty hills with sheep. These sheep were one of the few things that the first settlers brought with them on their journey to Iceland and became an important source of food, clothing, and even wealth. Perhaps this explains why the population of sheep is twice the human population and why much of the human population is occupied in knitting.
You also might have realised that, with the unpredictability of Icelandic weather comes the need for warm, waterproof clothes. This is why the people at Víkurprjón have continued knitting in the original patterns brought by the first Icelandic settlers, who knew just how to deal with the damp and chill.

Imagination and Tradition

Just a quick Icelandic lesson: Víkurprjón means Vík wool (Vík knitting) and for the past thirty years they have turned wool into everything from traditional hats, scarves, and sweaters in natural colours to striking, contemporary patterns dreamt up by imaginative designers. As one of the best-known and oldest producers of Icelandic wool products, they have turned a time-honoured tradition into a thriving business and paved the way for an entire industry.
The wool, processing, design, and production are Icelandic and Víkurprjón has maintained a staff dedicated to creating clothing distinguished by its quality and attention to detail. Most of the work is done on the premises of the two-storey building where visitors can take a peek at the people behind the scenes. They can go to the second floor of the shop to look down onto the bustling workshop and see how their clothes are made before taking some home with them.

Sounds of the Past, Books of Today
Wool is not the only focus in the store, which treats travellers to Icelandic folk music as they browse. The music plays softly in the background of the shop so that visitors can hear the voice of a bygone era as they stroll around. Víkurprjón’s selection of books contain anything and everything visitors want to know about Iceland, from the contemporary nightlife in Reykjavik and recent volcanic eruptions to Old Norse myths and well-known Icelandic sagas. Best of all, visitors are just a few minutes from Vik’s shore with its black sand beaches and rugged coastline. This store on the southern tip of Iceland gives travellers the chance to bring home souvenirs and handmade crafts that keep a tradition alive.

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