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A Fountain of Wellness

The Newly-opened Thermal Baths at Laugarvatn Fontana

Bathing in warm geothermal pools outdoors, soaking in steam rooms, resting in a sauna or walking along warm beaches is a wonderful experience available in only a few countries of the world. Even more rare is to enjoy it in any kind of weather. Since Iceland’s weather is well known for its fast and frequent changes, you could go home refreshed with memories few could match.
Just an hour east of Reykjavik, past Þingvellir and close to Geysir, the small town of Laugarvatn has a long tradition of using the mineral-rich healing waters of the area for relaxation and restoration of body, mind and soul. This summer, a completely new complex of outdoor interconnected baths, sauna and steam rooms was opened alongside the beautiful Lake Laugarvatn.

Feel It, Hear It

Built over the natural hot spring that has supplied the community for generations are Fontana’s three steam rooms. With temperatures varying from 40–50°C (104°F–122°F), depending on the weather conditions, the rooms have grates in the floor that allow you to see, hear and smell the waters as they bubble up to the surface and flow under the rooms. No piping here! Next door is the sauna. Finnish-style, its temperature is between 80°C (176°F) and 90°C (194°F) but with lower humidity than the steam rooms. Surprisingly pleasant, these traditionally-styled rooms are very effective in cleansing the skin of dirt and poisons alike. A simple method of ventilation controls the temperature in the rooms. Anyone with muscle problems will appreciate the positive effects of the springs and steam. I know I did!

Refreshed, Re-invigorated and Cleansed
Three interconnected baths filled with natural, warm spring water are great places to relax and have fun. They have different temperatures and depths.
The hot tub at the end of the baths provides a panoramic view of the area while the mineral waters work their wonders on your body. If you come in winter, you have to try the pools when it’s snowing. Sitting there, with snow on your hair whilst revelling in hot, health-giving waters is an amazing experience. The complex is completed by a cooler pool and a beach whose warm sands are beneficial to those with arthritis and joint problems.
Swimsuits, towels and robes are available and there are healthy refreshments and locally produced delicacies in the café whilst health-related souvenirs and gifts can be purchased at the reception. It is not necessary to have your own car as regular coach services operate from Reykjavik’s BSÍ bus station and the major tour companies also organise day trips.

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