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A Taste of Spain = Tapashúsið
A Taste of Spain
Spanish-style Tapashúsið tapas restaurant by Reykjavik’s Old Harbour
Puffin, duck and quail are some of the exotic foods you can try from the brand new menu of the recently opened Tapashúsið or the ‘Tapas House’ restaurant, as it would be called in English.
Meticulously and tastefully conceived furniture and interior decorations, created with great attention to detail, Spanish background music for the perfect Spanish ambience and friendly service compliment the delicious food served in this restaurant.
It is a casual yet sophisticated place, frequented by families in the early evening and chic groups of friends both local and foreign, couples and singles standing at the well-stocked bar later in the evening. Each course is presented in a unique and fun way, and perhaps most important—the food is affordable.

The Tapashúsið restaurant is right down by Reykjavik’s Old Harbour small boat marina which, needless to say, looks beautiful any time of the day or night.

Baccalao Islandia

Tapashúsið is in a completely refurbished and relocated house named Sólfell, built in 1921. The one storey section which overlooks the harbour was, in former times, used for salting and drying cod for export to Spain —‘Baccalao Islandia’. The top section of the corrugated roof has a couple of windows, formerly with air vents. The shape of the roof, the windows and the false air vents lend the house a unique look.

The female touch

Iceland Chef of the Year 2004, Lárus Gunnar Jónasson, owns and manages Tapashúsið. Head chef Vigdís Ylfa Finnsdóttir is the first woman to reach the final five in the same competition in 2009. While paying great attention to detail, she strives to preserve the natural and fresh flavours of locally produced food in combination with Spanish culture, flavours and tastes.

Menu for all ages and tastes

At first glance, the menu looks intimidating. Don’t worry, the management has compiled seven menus to make ordering simple and easy. Choosing food for the children has never been easier because one of the menus caters specifically to children: ‘Baby Tapas’.
This modestly priced children’s menu for the ‘most demanding, young customers’ includes chicken, a mini-hamburger with ham-cuts, rather than ground beef, fried fish and French fries served with a generous portion of tomato sauce.
Those who’d like some exotic flavour may want to try chorizo sausage with mustard, baked goat cheese or gratin of bacalao with olives, or cured salmon with birch.
This fun restaurant is open every day for dinner from 4 PM to 1 AM.

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