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The Seafood Lovers’ Haven
The Seafood Lovers’ Haven
Vitinn–the Sandgerði Restaurant right at the Harbour
The Reykjanes peninsula is something almost every visitor visits - whether just flying in or out of the country or touring around it to enjoy its many sights and adventures.
Just minutes from the airport, in the town of Sandgerði, you will find a popular restaurant right by the harbour, known as the Lighthouse Restaurant or Vitinn that prepares a dish you won’t find anywhere else.
This beautiful restaurant brings fresh seafood straight to your palate. With the harbour just metres away, you can enjoy a meal that is full of freshness and flavour. You can find out yourself why Steinunn the Old, cousin of the first Viking settler, Ingólfur Arnason, chose this spot in the 800’s.
Offering an excellent range of fish and seafood, Vitinn is a mecca for fish lovers. However, its speciality is the Rock Crab, a delicacy found only in this part of Iceland and on the US East coast. This is the only restaurant in Europe that offers this treat fresh from the sea. Special tanks ensure their cleanliness in the nearby University Research Centre, so you can be sure of the very best dining experience.
Owners, Stefán Sigurðsson, the restaurant’s chef, and his wife Brynhildur Kristjánsdóttir have created a menu to show off Icelandic cuisine at its best. Besides seafood, there are the lamb and beef dishes along with an international range of meals.
On a sunny day, eating outside is a pleasure, with the view over the harbour. For those used to big city life, there’s no smog or pollution here, so the fresh air and relaxed lifestyle of this little coastal town add to the enjoyment of the meal.
If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate an event, Vitinn will make it truly memorable, with their staff dressed in national costume.
 Children are very welcome and they have a special reward when they finish their scrumptious meal from the children’s menu.
Inside, the wood-panelled restaurant provides a cosy atmosphere. Diners are surrounded by memorabilia from the area’s fishing and agricultural heritage which adds to the distinctive ambiance. The restaurant has places for groups and individuals - but the service is equally personal for both. Icelandic hospitality is warm, friendly and unpretentious.
Vitinn is open for lunch year-round and, all day from May to September. The coffee house has a range of snacks, cakes, waffles and specialities from its home-baked cuisine.
You can see the quality and standard of the food from the photos but visiting and enjoying a lunch or dinner is clearly the only way to experience it and, if you are flying home, a satisfying way to enjoy your trip.

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