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Ice & Adventure Tours
Ice & Adventure Tours
Ride or Hike Europe’s Largest Glacier with Glacier Jeeps
Located not far from Jökulsárlón in East Iceland, Glacier Jeeps Ice and Adventure tours offers exhilarating guided glacier adventures that might be the one stop in Iceland that changes your life. Exhilarating is the only word that adequately describes the view from Europe’s largest glacier, the mighty Vatnajökull.
Glacier Jeeps offers year-round adventure jeep tours using specially fitted 4WD vehicles, snowmobile tours and hiking tours. All equipment—helmets, snowsuits, snow boots, and snow climbing or hiking gear is included in the price.
Tours depart twice daily at 9:30 or 14:00 from May-Oct from road F985 (GPS:  N  0,64°1344,7 W 0,15°4159,3), where you will begin the 16 km drive up to Jöklasel Restaurant, which also serves as a base. This is where guests get their gear for their respective tours and then, you’re off! Each tour is approximately 3 to 3½ hours in length and there will be plenty of time for photo breaks and enjoying the view. It is possible to stop at Jöklasel for refreshments after the tour.

A Mountaintop Restaurant

Jöklasel Restaurant, at an altitude of 840m, is the highest restaurant in Iceland and serves as a base for most Glacier Jeep activities. The restaurant, which comfortably seats 80 to 90 guests, offers a soup and salad buffet lunch, a variety of cakes and coffee, teas and soft drinks. A seafood buffet for groups, freshly caught arctic char (trout) and salmon are available by special arrangement. Incentive groups can enjoy a delicious buffet lunch right on the glacier while enjoying breathtaking views of both the glacier and the Atlantic Ocean.
October–May: Please call for the departure time. The trip then starts from Hostel Vagnsstaðir (GPS: N 0,64° 1344,7, W 0,15° 4153,3)
Tours need to be booked one day in advance.

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