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Kaffi Hornið brings the best local ingredients to the table
Kaffi Hornið brings the best local ingredients to the table
Right on Höfn’s main road sits Kaffi Hornið, where you can find seafood brought straight from sea to the table and a tempting sele ction of dishes from filling plates of lamb to salads topped with chicken or lobster. Soup is served daily with homemade bread and a salad bar is open for guests who want a smaller, but filling lunch. The menu is large, with seafood and local specialities like lamb and beef featuring prominently, although vegetarians are not left out as a dish of pan-fried chickpea cutlets remains one of the more popular dishes. This restaurant and café, with airy cathedral ceilings and ample seating for guests, has been successful since opening in 1999, alternating as a restaurant, cafe and bar.
Kaffi Hornið’s owners, husband and wife Ingólfur Einarsson and Kristín Óladóttir, have made  good use of Höfn’s prized local food: the langoustine. Found just off Höfn’s coast and widely celebrated as a town delicacy, the lobster-like creature known as langoustine features prominently in Kaffi Hornið’s menu with an entire section devoted to dishes showcasing the succulent shellfish in every price range.
The langoustine is distinguished from lobster because it is much smaller and its meat is said to be sweeter. While plentiful in European waters, langoustines, better known as scampi, are scarcely found in North America and whenever served at restaurants, they have been shipped frozen because their delicate meat does not survive the journey. Fortunately for Höfn and Kaffi Hornið, the langoustines are freshly caught each day for visitors to taste.
Fresh fish, also caught daily, lamb and beef from nearby farms and chicken dishes round out the menu. Pizzas are made to order with a special langoustine pizza for guests who want to try a twist on toppings. Icecream made at Arbær, a dairy farm a few kilometres from Kaffi Hornið, tantalises visitors with homemade flavours like chocolate licorice.
Kaffi Hornið
Hafnarbraut 42 • 780 Höfn
+354 478 2600

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