Dine in a Christmas Card
Dine in a Christmas Card
Kaffi Klettur is the classic Christmas venue
On your way out to Geysir and Gulfoss on the Golden Circle Tour, you will come to the small community of Reykholt. In former times, it was thought that the steam pouring out from the hot springs came from some infernal source, so priests came to try to stop them - without success, fortunately, as Kaffi Klettur bakes its fresh bread there, giving it a delicious distinctive taste.
With snow blanketing the country, Iceland presents a truly traditional Christmas air and, fore a special Christmas experience, where better to dine than in the snug warmth of the restaurant that looks like it stepped right out of a Christmas card!
With special Christmas buffets and the famous ‘skata’, the uniquely Icelandic stingray fish dish, meals at this time of year in this beautiful wooden restaurant, are especially worth stopping for. You may be fortunate to arrive on one of the ‘culture evenings’, which add a fun element to the experience.
Almost all the ingredients of the meal are grown naturally in the area, caught from the Tungaflöt or Hvítá rivers or come from nearby farms.
This is a country restaurant and, as if to emphasise that fact, the restaurant is decorated with historical items from the past, when life was a quite rigorous. For children, this is a fascinating place that will keep them captivated while the adults chat. It’s the kind of experience that you will remember as much for the ambience as well as the delicious meals.

The Tasty Pastry

Steinunn, the chef and proprietor, also bakes a special kleinur. Make sure you try this tasty pastry, too, freshly cooked and a delicious desert. You may have tried commercially-produced varieties before, but this is the real thing, hand-made, small and crisp. You will see why it is so popular that it is shipped all over the country.

A Place for Parties
If you are visiting Iceland with a company or a group of friends. Kaffi Klettur is a restaurant that you will all want to eat at to take back memories of a good time, with good food, good drinks from the well-stocked bar and a good experience that you will talk about for a long time to come.

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