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The Grindavík Experience

The fishing town that lives life to the full

Since the Vikings first settled this part of the Reykjanes peninsula, fishing has been in their blood. Life was tough, fishing was hard and it bred the kind of people who enjoy challenges and living life to the full.
There's so much to do–yet not many know a lot about it. Grindavík is home to the famous Blue Lagoon and the town itself is just 4 km down the road. It's only about 15 min. from the airport and 40 min. from Reykjavik.
From here, you can take a tour that will be an experience of a lifetime, enjoy a meal in a picturesque fish restaurant or, with so much to see and do, you might prefer a fast-food lunch and save the dinner until the evening. After a full day here, you will doubtless realise, as so many have, that you need more time to explore it all. It's a lot easier to stay than traipse back and forth from Reykjavik.
Take a look at just a few of the options available to you to whet your appetite.

ATV Adventures 4x4
Whether a one-hour ride or a full-day excursion, as you take a quad bike out past shipwrecks, up mountains and volcanos, across moonscape lava fields, your adrenalin will be pumping within minutes.
These quad bikes take you off-road to places no tour bus driver would attempt. This is the youngest area of Iceland and the geology's precocious behaviour makes an exciting tour.
If you would rather someone experienced does the driving, their new 4x4 resembles a car more than a quad bike. The thrill is just as intense, if not more so.
Full, tough, weatherproof clothing, gloves and helmets are supplied. This is an extreme sport and you'll appreciate the good equipment-not just for riding but for any climbing or a sudden weather changes.

Volcano Tours
If you want to see a lot in a day, but don't want to rough it, Volcano Tours has a wide range of tours for small groups in luxury jeeps - such as the Golden Circle and South Coast Tour that goes all the way down to the Sólheimarjökull glacial tongue.
The 6 hour trip in Reykjanes that takes in volcanos and caving, hot springs and the Blue Lagoon will leave you with tales to tell. At Flagghúsið, the Volcano Tour base, looking over the photos of the caves, with their glittering stalactites and stalagmites, will convince you. It ends with a relaxing bathe in the Blue Lagoon, whose warm, mineral-rich waters will soothe your muscles and cleanse your skin.

Aðalbraut Fast Food
You can't miss the N1 petrol pumps on Grindavík's main street. But before you rush off with your full tank, take a break, a meal and, perhaps, take some warm, handknitted, woollen clothing with you, made by the fishermen's mothers, wives and sweethearts who make strong, quality, warm clothing for their menfolk.
Fast and Fresh: 'Fast food' can refer to food waiting for hours for someone in a hurry to come along and grab it. Not so here. Fast, means it is made on the spot when you order and refers to the speed you receive it. This is a farming and fishing town and the food is as fresh as it can be. There is a wide choice from traditional Icelandic 'mom's meals', burgers, fish and chips, grill menus, sandwiches and boats, along with salads, drinks and ice cream. They can cater efficiently for groups of up to 60.

The Salt House Restaurant is the first Icelandic restaurant specialising in codfish or baccalao which has been celebrated in Mediterranean, African and Caribbean cuisine for centuries. Salthusið’s á la carte menu features beautifully presented seafood, fresh from the boats: cod, haddock, catfish or even lobster- depending on the day's catch. It also features marinated fillet of lamb, beef tenderloin and BBQ ribs, amongst others.
There is more casual fare for the lunch guests, a café with free Internet access and a bar, popular with the locals on weekends.
The restaurant, spanning 2 floors, is an classic venue for banquets, parties, conferences, workshops and reception dinners, accommodating a total of 200 guests in 3 dining rooms, each with a separate sound system, wireless Internet and overhead projector.

Borg Guesthouse
Once you have seen all there is to do just in this town and its environs alone, you'll no doubt want to stay for awhile to enjoy the facilities and fun the town offers. Borg Guesthouse caters for individuals, couples, families and groups of up to 16 people in a clean, modestly-priced homestay accommodation. You’ll find a full kitchen where you can cook your own meals, a laundry and a computer to go online. Breakfasts are provided on a self-service basis. Owners Björk and Magnús make this a comfortable home from which to launch out to explore the area.


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