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Get away to a slow life and return refreshed from Munaðarnes

It's Time To Enjoy Life

Winter in the West is a wonderful time. No more so than at Munaðarnes, the popular resort just outside the town of Borgarnes, less than 100 km from Reykjavik. Set in a beautiful valley, through which runs Iceland's biggest salmon river, the resort is a haven of peace and tranquility, far from the madding crowd and traffic of modern cities.
It is a perfect location for conferences and seminars or for company get-aways. Groups of up to a hundred can be housed and fed in comfort. The resort consists of 56 lovely self-contained cottages, each with their own grill and 'hot pot' or jacuzzi outside.
Believe it or not, a hot pot outside in winter is absolutely wonderful! At night, you can sit with a drink, enjoy the company and, on many a night, be entertained by stunning displays of the famous Northern Lights as they dance across the skies above. I don't think there could be a more effective de-stressing activity.

Slow Down
Here, life is not rushed, it is enjoyed. At the restaurant, Þór and Stefanía create succulent meals, using locally grown produce and ingredients wherever possible, cooked using the 'slow cooking' method that gives them such flavour. Trout, salmon and Icelandic lamb are the restaurant's specialities—along with a meat that is fast gaining popularity here: goat.
This is not a fast-food restaurant, where you grab your food and run. Here, you sit back and enjoy - not just the food, but the service and the whole ambience.
It's therapeutic value cannot be measured except in the relaxed and happy smiles and the spring in the step of those returning to their everyday lifes with renewed vigour and inspiration.

Drop In
The longer you can stay in such a resort, of course, the better but life must go on. That doesn't mean that even a short visit cannot have a good effect on your mood and spirit. For many people, even dropping by for a lunch or dinner is very beneficial–especially so if you are facing a long drive or taxing work.
A businessman bringing a client here will no doubt find conversations and business go so much more smoothly in this environment. There is just something about this tranquil valley resort and restaurant that helps everything flow that much better.
This is why it is also a favourite place for families. The calming influence can make long drives so much more pleasant - all the more so, after a delicious meal. The children can burn off some of that pent-up energy in the playground before eating.
Besides full lunches and dinners, Munaðarnes is a beautiful place to stop for a coffee and snack. The different seasons each add their own charm and speciality to the area, making each visit different.
You would remember this as a time to reconnect with life and with your companions. Munaðarnes just has that effect on people.


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