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Iceland Excursion offers different ways to make the most of your stay

Join the Dots in Time

How is it that, when you’re surrounded by car fumes, noise, and tall buildings that block the sun, time seems to crawl but when you’re on holiday, it passes before you thought it had begun? Don’t you look forward to the weekend or to a break, even for a week or so?
Now that more airlines are going to fly to Iceland, it’s even easier to take that weekend break - or even a week break. But you know that, as soon as you land here, time will take off!
Iceland Excursion has found some neat ways to pack your time suitcase so that your  time will be filled with fun and experiences that will last a lifetime and more. Their packages provide a framework to mix and match to suit the time you have.

What’s so interesting?
There are tours that take you out into the country to see the sights for which Iceland is famous and there are tours in town that will refresh in more ways than one!

The Afternoon Golden Circle Tour.
This is the most popular tour that covers the following:
Þingvellir (pron. Thingvellir) National Park is a short distance from Reykjavik. A World Heritage Site, it is famous for several reasons. Here, the N. American and European tectonic plates pull apart from one another. An amazing sight, the Vikings chose it to start the world’s longest exisiting parliament, the name meaning Parliament Plains. It’s also a popular diving and holidaying spot, surrounding the lake, at the far end of which rise the steams from a geothermal hot spot that provides hot water to Reykjavik. History blends with nature and wild-life.
Geysir is further inland. It’s geothermal steam shoots skyward and bubbles up in pools, overflowing in streams of hot water. Although the giant Geysir is not erupting often at the moment, Strokkur, right next to it, makes up for it by erupting every few minutes in an explosion of steam and boiling water.
Gulfoss is another wonder of nature. The mighty Hvítá river, fed by massive glaciers further up in the interior reaches a high rock cliff, over which it plunges down into a narrow ravine. The sunlight catches the spray, illuminating the area with beautiful rainbows. You can get very close to this powerful waterfall.
The Northern Lights Tour takes you to see this stunning light show, visible on most clear nights in winter months. With a variety of colours, they swirl and dance across the night sky in an ever-changing spectacle that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.
The Saga Tour in town is a completely different experience - but one that cannot be missed by anyone seeking to get to know Iceland in all its flavours. Here, you will visit a brewery and, provided you are over 20 years old, you will get to try the drinks that have fortified the nation over the years.

How to get there
Iceland Excursions have a number of ways for you to enjoy all these sights, no matter what your timing. For instance:

Winter City Break 3
It’s Friday and you need to be back at work on Monday morning. There’s a lot you can do in that time!
A transfer from the airport to your 3-star hotel gives you time for the Taste the Saga Tour or the Northern Lights Tour - or just to enjoy the nightlife.
The following morning, you have the full-day Golden Circle Tour. The same options are available for the evening.
The last morning, join the Blue Lagoon to Keflavik Airport Tour and soak in the benefits of this famous spa before being driven to the airport for your flight home, refreshed an reinvigorated.

Winter City Break 4
If you have a little more time on your hands and can stay an extra couple of days, this tour offers you a lot more.
On your arrival at the airport, you can join the Blue Lagoon Tour to unwind before being transferred to the 4 star Reykjavik Natura Hotel in the capital for the next 4 nights, where the same options are available: the Taste the Saga Tour, Northern Lights Tour or just enjoying the nightlife in the capital.
After a morning’s relaxation, you take the popular afternoon Golden Circle Tour or upgrade to the SuperJeep and Snomobile version that additionally takes you snomobiling on Langjökull glacier. In the evening, the same options are available.
On the 3rd and 4th days, there is a wide range of optional tours to choose. These tours can include caving, horse riding, snorkelling or ice climbing - the choice is yours.  Then, the Airport Express takes you to the airport for your flight home on the 5th day. You’ll return to work with fresh inspiration and a new perspective - not to mention a hunger for more!

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