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New planes make refreshing flying with Iceland Express

Flying Fresh

New planes make refreshing flying with Iceland Express
Since February 2003, Iceland Express has been flying to Iceland from up to 149 destinations in Europe as the only domestic low-cost carrier. Entering 2012 with a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 planes to new destinations adds an element of excitement to this dynamic company. They are all the new generation aircraft, seating 180 passengers, the newest just released from the factory last spring and provided by CSA, a very reliable and punctual provider.

Customer Care Keeps Clients
Low fares do not need to mean low service, as the company has proven. Understanding the desires of passengers has been key to the growth of Iceland Express. Passenger care on board is one of the main emphases of the airline, which provides a full selection of meals, drinks and Duty Free items on every flight.

The Benefits of Low Cost airlines

Being the only Icelandic low-cost airline operating all year-round, Iceland Express can offer the most economic prices to & from Iceland. Leading in low prices, unlike some other economy airlines, the ticket includes a 20 kg. luggage allowance and there are no hidden fees. (Toilets are free, too!) Prices for unusual items, such as bikes, are all listed clearly on their website and bookings can be changed easily. This is an ideal travelling method for young people, especially, as the savings they make on ticket costs can significantly lower the cost of their holiday, allowing them more flexibility whilst in Iceland. Whether they want to enjoy the vibrant night life and music scene in Reykjavik, the festivals in the different towns or cycle around the country, Iceland Express tries to make it all possible.
Specialists in Group Travel
The airline is especially popular with companies and school groups, who receive a special service and is geared to handle groups of all sizes. They are also a member of the ILGTA and are recognised as a professional, broad-minded airline.  These factors mean that there is a huge and growing demand for tickets to Iceland. However, it also means that early booking can lead to major savings. There are daily flights to London (Gatwick) and Copenhagen; to Berlin and Paris 3 times a week; Alicante, Barcelona and Frankfurt twice a week and once a week to the other destinations, including Stansted and a new service to Vilnius, reaching the whole Baltic region.

Flying with Friends

Sigga, the Iceland Express stewardess,pictured here, found her love of flying almost by accident. Now, some 9 years later, she has flown to places as far apart as Thailand, Las Palmas and Chicago—not to mention all over Europe. “Our company is like a family and we’re very good friends. I like to share that friendship with the passengers who fly with us. We have fun, laugh and joke while we take care of people. I’m happiest making the passengers happy and seeing them leave with a smile - especially a grouchy passenger, who has perhaps had a hard day.”
“When you’re working, time flies, too”
It’s non-stop work to take care of the needs of 180 people and the stewardesses are on their feet the whole time, apart from take off and landing. Besides the normal roles of supplying food and drink, there are also those special times, caring for someone who has a fear of flying, sitting with them and being there for them or giving extra attention to someone with special needs.  Like all the stewardesses, Sigga has a lot of training, with regular refresher courses to ensure she can handle any situation in a professional manner. However, it is not all work and no play. There are layover times that provide opportunities for shopping, dining out–or just soaking up the sun on a beach. The regular changes keep that spark of inspiration alive, which reflects on the care of the passengers on board. Sigga is one of those fortunate people who can say, “I love going to work!”

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