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The Happiest Pub in Town

The Happiest Pub in Town

Drink and Dine at the Dubliner
Where do all the Irish go? To the most genuine Irish pub outside the Emerald Isle where drink flows like the conversation, oiled by the live bands playing to make every night memorable, fun and full of life.
If you’ve ever been to Reykjavik, you’ll know that the Dubliner is easy to find. Just ask any local. The only thing is, it isn’t there any more! Is that an Irish riddle or what? No, it’s just moved to a larger and more spacious place right across the road with a bigger bar. The beer’s the same and the music is just as powerful and the food fills you full just as fast. This is the bar that has earned its reputation. The Celts know how to party and enjoy themselves. So, if you like beer, Irish music and humour and to mingle with Celts from all over, you just can’t beat the Dubliner!
Naturally, it’s open every day, way into the night. After all, there are taxis to take you home after a night of living life to the full, happy and content. What more could you ask for? Jazz and Blues? They’re downstairs - and those nice Irish chappies will even let you take your drinks and food down there.


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