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Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire

Original Jewellery inspired by Icelandic nature
The skills of the Viking craftsmen are legendary - as are their love for nature and life itself. Bring that Viking spirit down through the ages, through the different art periods, such as Baroque and Rococo and combine it with 21st century technology and you have Sign.
Looking as though he has stepped straight out of a Viking hall or longship, Ingi’s love for nature has inspired his creations - the creations of a goldsmith craftsman. His workshop, situated on Hafnarfjörður’s harbour quayside, shows his love for the art of the ages. The display cases from past and present are filled with his creations in silver, gold, white gold and palladium, lit by crystal chandeliers from the Golden Age.
Typical of Viking craftsmen, his workshop is a simple, massive table. What makes it different from his forbears are the modern tools used to form his creations. Every piece is carefully designed and beautifully formed.
Glaciers and ice caves, hot, flowing lava and cold, hard rock forms that you can see in the designs of his rings, Viking arm bands with wrought lattice work from the Baroque period, ornate jewellery from the Viking period that has been enhanced by Rococo styles, yet with a distinct 21st century feel to them, these are totally original concepts whose unique blending of natural form and dramatic style in the hands of a craftsman result in creations that enhance the beauty of man and woman alike. His range of crosses span the generations of styles to meet the needs of any occasion. Many of his necklaces are inspired by the volcanos that have made Iceland famous, such as Katla, Krafla and Hekla.
From the delicate tiara, to the necklace styles, armbands, bracelets and the ranges of rings, you feel you are wearing the essence of Iceland and the spirit of the Vikings. Styles range from the ornate to classically simple, yet all are original. Some have precious stones inset in the silver or gold whilst others are a blend of the precious metals themselves.
Ingi also does custom work for clients that results in a gift that is absolutely unique. Without doubt, each one will be a talking point that cannot fail to attract attention. Already sought after today, they will be even more treasured in future years.
Sign was founded in 2004 as a way for Ingi, who graduated in 1993, to express his art and share it with the world. His workshop is open to visitors and his creations are also found in a number of Iceland’s shops.


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