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Duty Free The Icelandic Way

Duty Free The Icelandic Way

Up to 50% off City Prices in the Arrivals Duty Free Store
Frequent flyers know the ropes. They get through Passport Control and Customs and head to the Duty Free stores. They need to think - are they entitled to it or not? Then, laden with bags, they struggle to the plane, shoving their precious cargo into already-stuffed overhead lockers. At the end of their flight, they lug the same bags down miles of walkways, stairs and escalators, before picking up their luggage and struggling to the taxis, coaches or trains, hoping they don’t drop or break the bottles on the way.

Iceland - a Different Way
The Vikings do things differently. At the International Airport at Keflavik, you will find a rare opportunity: a Duty Free Store in the Arrivals section right at the luggage pick-up point, where there are trolleys available. Mere feet from the luggage carousels, passengers can do their shopping at huge discounts compared to city prices, especially on wines, spirits and tobacco products. Before their luggage arrives, they can have their shopping done and save a lot of money.

Don’t lug it with you - get it here
Opened in 1970, the Arrivals Duty Free Shop was an immediate success. In the airport expansion in 2008, it was expanded to accommodate a much larger range of International and Icelandic brands. The expansion provided the opportunity to offer a very good selection of products - often far better than other airports and even downtown.
Today, it has the largest range of wines, spirits and beers in the country - larger, even, than many other countries airports - and includes the international award-winning Egils Gull. Cosmetics, confectionery, tobacco products, toys and electronic products - including DVD titles are all available at discounted prices, so it is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the lower prices before starting your visit. Here you will find all the top brands at knock-down prices. Think of it as a holiday discount!
Icelanders don’t mind which country you’re coming from or going to: the Duty Free discount applies equally to all. You don’t need to worry about buying Icelandic currency first - all major cards are accepted.

Go Home well stocked
Of course, most of the things you buy in the Arrivals Duty Free will probably be finished by the end of your visit and you will be looking for something special to remember your trip and for gifts to loved ones and children.
There is a large Duty Free Store in the Departures Lounge. Duty Free fashion clothing by Burberry and Boss and a special range of clothing by Icelandic designers, such as Kronn are on sale. In addition, there is a special store for those uniquely Icelandic items that make perfect gifts and souvenirs that is worth paying a visit.
Unlike most other modern airports, the walk to the plane is short and trolleys can carry the load almost to the planes. Passengers from non-Schengen countries do not even have to walk to the Departure Lounge as there is a shop close to their planes with the same products and prices.

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