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Winter Jeep Tours
Winter Jeep Tours
Personal Trips in comfort with Salty Tours
When you travel to Iceland with a small group of friends, you may be tempted to simply rent a car and see the sights. To be frank, driving in Iceland in winter can be quite a challenge and, by driving yourselves, you will miss a lot. I know. Been there, done that–and in winter, that can spoil your holiday very quickly, let alone worrying about the driving or where to stop and eat or missing any of the sights.
Salty Tours has built up an impressive list of positive reviews on sites like for the simple reason that the owner, Þórsteinn, knows what he’s doing and he’s a mine of knowledge and interesting stories. His winter Jeep Tours cover a huge area and he knows it like the back of his hand. You can travel in the comfort of a Jeep and have a really personalised tour, tailored to your own interests and needs and see things you would not even know existed had you just driven around yourself.
All you need to do is give Þórsteinn an idea of what you would like to see and do, then leave the rest to him. I think you will be more than satisfied - almost overwhelmed by all you will be able to see and do in the space of one tour. Having a personal guide transforms your holiday and packs experience after experience in to it.

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