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Taking your breath away

Taking your breath away

The unsurpassed and unforgettable beauty of Eskifjörður
Surrounded by snowcovered mountains  skiable mountains, Mjóeyri looks like the set for a fantasy film. Cabins perch on a strip of land reaching into the glass-smooth fjörd, the light from the mountains and sky reflected on its surface. At night, this is a playground for the Northern Lights, with nothing to obstruct the view as they sweep and dance across the sky.
Skiing holidays don’t get better than this or do they? There are slopes to suit every taste but, for the experienced, there is the skidoo tow up the mountain a thrilling trip in both directions, with awesome views to drink in.

Ski to the Sea
This is a ski resort that lives up to its reputation. Whether you’ve gone up on a ski lift or been towed up the steep mountain side, the slopes will bring you all the way home - to the cabins on the sea’s edge.
Eskifjörður is a small community where everyone enjoys company and sharing their lives. Museums are closed at this time of year - but, no problem, the key is right there to open up. The same applies to the other facilities of this picturesque Eastern village, where guests become part of the family and where skiing is in the blood.
Snows last a long time here, and you will be tempted to extend your stay once you get here. It’s truly a skier’s dream come true with so many slopes to try.

Tengt efni

Eldri tölublöð
Öll blöð í vefútgáfu

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