Icelandic Times - Issue 13. 2011
Birdsong has spread quickly across the land as the arrival of the migratory birds heralds the retreat of winter. And what a winter it has been—an outdoor sports enthusiast’s dream, with plenty of snow on the slopes. Mind you, it was pretty wild.
When visitors come to Iceland, perhaps they have heard about the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. With this issue, we want to also highlight some of the many other spectacular sights and features of interest around the country that normally only the Icelanders and the seasoned visitor would know about. You’ll need your to charge your camera battery and have plenty of memory cards!
For instance, you step off your plane at Keflavík into a rich historical and geological area even before reaching Reykjavik. It’s possible to spend your whole holiday here—but then there is still a lot more to the country. It’s time for Viking hospitality.
Are you a golfer? A fascinating course awaits you in Reykholt, amongst others, as the opportunity to play under the midnight sun is very beguiling. A horse rider? There are so many places, each with its own character to enjoy these beautiful, five-gaited animals. A fisherman? Welcome to Paradise!
Did you include seals on your ‘must see’ list? If so, see pages 52-55. Whales are to be seen in many places but we feature the north and the Whale Museum in Húsavík.
Are you a photographer? There is a major competition you could win. See pages 68-69.
If you love the outdoors, you’ll build up an appetite and every town and village has good restaurants of all types to satisfy while enjoying the company of the local residents.
In Mosfellsbær, just outside Reykjavik, Palli the Knifemaker works next to the old mill, Álafoss, a popular place for woollens.
Welcome to a vibrant Iceland in the Spring!

Art in the City    4
The Centre of Icelandic Design    6
Enjoy the Ambience    8
Dine in a Viking Hall    9
The Pub the Irish Brought    9
Photography & Food    10 - 11
Iceland vs.The Volcano    13
The Brave get the Best    14
Delve into the Old World     15
Eat Thai in Iceland    15
Harbourside Sushi    16
Jewels & Art by the Sea    16
Men Who Made Iceland: Jónas Hallgrímsson    18
Best way to see the city     19
The Match of the Century    20
Advent in the Mountains    20
Plucked from Stormy Seas    21
Healthy eating in Reykjavik    22
Living and Breathing Market    23
The Call of the Wild    24 - 25
Wonders at My doorstep     26 - 27
Can we invite you over?    28
The Sheep Stay Warm    29
Baked to Perfection    30
Craftsman at Work    31
Nothing beats a tasty pizza    32
The Crafty Side of Mosfellsbær    33
Best spice in town    33
Your own piece of Iceland    34
The Art of Bacalao in Grindavík    36
Grindavík’s Hidden World    38
Life is Never Dull Here    39
Cosy Culture-Café    40
Rent a Second Home in Iceland    40
Mamma Mia    41
Fine Dining in Old Reykjanesbaer    42
Off the Beaten Track    43
The World of the Vikings    44
Hotel with Charm    45
Spring in Snæfellsnes    46 - 47
Ah! Springtime in Iceland    48
Northern Lights Retreat    49
Golfing in the Dales    49
Trolling the Westfjords     50
Gateway to the Vatnsnes Peninsula     53
Seals sun on the Seashore    54
The Wonderful Wild Northwest    55
Eat Icelandic    56
Family leisure, comfort and beauty    56
Sleep by the Riverside    68
A Legend comes to Life    69
A River runs through it    60
Capital of Country    61
Living Inside    62
Traditional Pastries and Local Food    63
Eating at the End of the World    65
Outdoor Life to the Full    66
On Top of the World    67
Hear the Singing    67
Bird for a million    68 - 69
Much More than Free Soup    70
Under Sail to Watch the Whale    72
The Biggest Bones You’ll Ever See!    73
Guarded by a Firey Dragon    74 - 75
A Warm Welcome in the East    76
A Fresh Place to Stay    77
Embraced by the Nature of East Iceland    78
Hotel Framtíð of Djúpivogur    79
Humarhöfnin of Höfn    80
Fish in the Fjord    81
A Guesthouse in Paradise    81
The Man behind Skógar Folk Museum    82
No Ash – Just Beautiful Camping    83
Refreshing Vík    83
Fantasy Tours    84 - 85
A Spring Evening in Stokkseyri    86
Reykholt’s Hotspot    88
Elegant Eating    89
Icewear takes on Víkurprjón    90
Within The Golden Circle    91
Down Into the Depths    91
Slakki Zoo & Play centre    92 - 93
Viking Tours of the Westman Islands    94
A World in a Nutshell    95

Land og saga ehf.
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Editor and General Manager

Einar Th. Thorsteinsson

Sales and Marketing
Anna Margrét Bjarnadóttir
Sigurlaug Ragnarsdóttir

English Editor
Andrew Scott Fortune
Articles written by
Andrew Scott Fortune
Anna Margrét Bjarnadóttir
Elaine Marie Valgardsson
Hrafnhildur Þórhallsdóttir
Kelly Baumann
Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir
Stefán Helgi Valsson
Vignir Andri Guðmundsson

Gabriel Rutenberg

Front cover photo
Snæfells Glacier
by Olgeir Andrésson

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