The Centre of Icelandic Design
The Centre of Icelandic Design
Top Icelandic Designers’ Work from Kraum to Take Home
In Reykjavik’s oldest house, first built as a clothing factory in the 18th century, Kraum continues the spirit of innovation and design begun by its famous founder, Skúli Magnússon, making creations available to the world from the hands of almost 300 designers.
The house was competely renovated between 2005–6 and expanded in an attractive, unobtrusive style, to open in 2007 as a one-stop shop for designer items made initially by an group of 30 designers.

A new concept catches the imagination
The idea quickly caught on and more designers in different fields began presenting their work. From clothing and jewellery, the range expanded to include ceramics, glass, wood, metal, leather, card and creations from fish skin.
Kraum has continued to innovate, with the recent addition of a chocolate boutique, an organic cosmetic range, made from Icelandic herbs and a new range of foods: jams, salts and herbal teas, again from locally-produced herbs. Both the scope and quality of today’s products would have amazed the building’s founder.

A Design Mecca

The Design Centre introduced a new event called ‘Design March’ – which Kraum is participating in, marching forward with innovative ideas. The event actually took place in the month of March and brought together five young designers, who were asked to take an old object from the past, a pancake pan, march it forward to the present, turning it into a contemporary work of design.

Made to Go, Not just for Show
The shop is not just a display for designers. Most items have been thoughtfully designed for convenient shipping overseas. Visitors from many countries have returned home with some very special souvenirs from the land where the skill of the Vikings and the creativity of the Celts has blended together to produce works that are currently sought after the world over.


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