Dine in a Viking Hall
Enjoy the Entertainment at the Viking Tavern
Welcome to the Land of the Vikings! You may not see their long boats in the harbour today, but there’s one in Vikingakráin’s restaurant. With their love of food and drink, is it any wonder that it has been converted into the bar for this most Viking of restaurants, set in the loft of one of the old buildings in the centre of Reykjavik.
As you walk through the entrance gate in the high wooden stockade, you feel you’re entering a Viking hall.
Every night, diners are regaled by entertainment similar to the Vikings of old with actors, poets or storytellers. The experience is so authentic that, as you enjoy their hospitality with food and drinks, sitting at massive wood tables, you can easily imagine yourself as a Viking.
Give them a call to book your dinner, as this is a popular venue. It’s the way to be totally immersed in the life and culture of the Vikings—and will doubtless give you a few surprises and something to tell people when you get home. After all, how many people encounter Vikings and live to tell the tale?

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