Greinasafni: Söfn
Iceland’s mountainous wastelands are no place to be in December
Advent in the Mountains
Iceland’s mountainous wastelands are no place to be in December
Winter in Iceland can be both beautiful and dangerous, with sudden storms, blizzards, ice and bitter cold–especially up in the mountains of the north. Every year, in the autumn, a big festival takes place, bringing the sheep down to the safety of the sheep barns before the storms set in. However, there are always a few who get lost. They face almost certain death in the winter.

A Photo Story with a difference
Every year, a farmer set off at the beginning of Advent to look for those lost sheep and bring them to safety. His struggles against all the odds provide the background of a special exhibition at the National Museum of Iceland. The dramatic story of his search and all he went through, risking life and limb with his faithful dog and bellwether sheep, is told in equally dramatic black and white photos from the area of North Iceland where the story is set by photographer, Sigurjón Pétursson.

A folk tale with meaning
A folk tale, penned by Gunnar Gunnarsson, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize, the story is both a parable and a gripping story, the shepherd’s survival a matter outside his own control, and the eventual outcome, a moving testimony to the simple standards of service to others that are often overlooked in today’s society.


Tengt efni

Eldri tölublöð
Öll blöð í vefútgáfu

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