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Grænn kostur–Vegetarian Classic Restaurant in the centre of town
Healthy eating in Reykjavik
Grænn kostur–Vegetarian Classic Restaurant in the centre of town
When Icelanders hear the phrase ‘vegetarian cuisine’, the first place that comes to mind is probably Grænn kostur. Literally meaning ‘a green choice’, this cosy restaurant has been on the same spot in Skólavörðustígur for over 15 years. A pioneer in providing a vegetarian and healthy food choice in Reykjavik, Grænn kostur serves classical dishes loved by their many regular customers.

A hidden health gem
Grænn kostur is not a big restaurant, but is repeatedly complimented for its cosiness by customers, many of whom visit this hidden gem of the central area frequently.
While the address is Skólavörðustígur, the street leading towards Reykjavik’s landmark Hallgrímskirkja, one enters the restaurant from the back, round the corner on Bergstaðastræti.

Grateful for the response
“We are proud of our pure vegetarian cuisine and grateful for the response from our customers, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian,” says Jóhanna Jónasdóttir, the service manager of Grænn kostur. “Recently, we made a survey among our customers, asking about their experience of the restaurant and the quality of the food and service. We were pleasantly surprised by the response from the around 200 people who participated. 94% of them gave us between eight-to-ten on a scale from zero-to-ten.”
Jóhanna herself combines her vegetarian and health-oriented lifestyle working at Grænn kostur with a career as an actress and bellydance teacher. Many of the customers also participate in the recent, but growing health-conscious lifestyle in Iceland. Grænn kostur was, in fact, a pioneer in health matters fifteen years ago, introducing ideas on the importance of organic, vegetarian and healthy eating.

Classic vegetarian dishes
Jóhanna adds that, according to the survey, their customers not only loved their hearty food but were pleased with the warm service of the staff. “Many people come nearly every week for our renowned spinach-lasagna, knowing the menu by heart. Sometimes we even see queues start outside our door!” says Jóhanna. “We list the ingredients of the dishes so people can see what’s in them and our staff help with special wishes. We also have a vegan alternative for most dishes if they are not already vegan.”
“We want our food to be natural and full of life, thus we use as many organic ingredients as possible and make everything from scratch, knowing exactly what we are serving people,” says Jóhanna.

What’s on the Menu?
The daily menu consists of the dish of the day, in addition to the soup of the day with hummus and bread. The pies at Grænn kostur have become a classic in Iceland, both the Indian and the spinach pies.
Grænn kostur also serves an assortment of cakes and cookies, including super-healthy raw cakes, with a full and flavoury taste. The cake selection is completely free of white sugar and wheat, enabling you to have a treat without a guilty conscience.
This lovely restaurant is a great choice for anyone wanting to eat healthy, yet delicious food. When eating at Grænn kostur, you know that you’re treating your body right while your taste buds swoon with pleasure from the delicious taste.

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