Reykjavik’s source of fresh and healthy food and meals
Living and Breathing Market
Reykjavik’s source of fresh and healthy food and meals
LIFANDI markaður – literally meaning ‘a living market’ is an organic grocery store and a restaurant where you can get all the healthy food you need in one place. The grocery store offers a wide variety of high-quality local and organic choices and, at the same time, you can sit down at the in-store restaurant and have a nice meal, delicious juices or smoothies.

Close to hotels and shopping centres

The flagship store and restaurant is within a fifteen minutes walking distance of the city centre, in a spacious, stylish location that includes both the market and the restaurant on Borgartún in Reykjavik and its second store and restaurant is found in Hæðarsmári, close to the Smáralind shopping centre in Kópavogur.
Whether you will be cooking while staying in Reykjavik or want to eat healthy travelling around the country, LIFANDI markaður is a great place to go to do your shopping. An assortment of healthy bread, fresh fish, organic fruits, Icelandic blueberries; these are all among the various choices of delicious food you can buy at LIFANDI markaður. And you can trust that its products do not contain any artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings and preservatives.

Smell the aroma of fresh health
When entering the market, one is greeted with a fresh cooking aroma while taking in the wide selection of colourful groceries. Just by the fridge full of fresh fruits and vegetables, one can find Icelandic seaweed, like ‘söl’, which might be an exotic choice to try for many newcomers. Beside that, you will find a good selection of jams and chutneys made in Iceland. Production of organic, healthy food of all kinds has increased gradually these last few years in Iceland. One hardly needs to mention that LIFANDI markaður has a great selection of veggie products.

Relax in the restaurant
When shopping in LIFANDI markaður, make sure you don’t miss the delicious meals or amazing smoothies, full of energy. In fact, the restaurant itself is a great reason for visiting LIFANDI markaður. There, you can have the day’s special, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, the soup of the day, a fresh salad bar along with selection of cold dishes. Care is taken only to choose as healthy and wholesome ingredients as possible, along with as much organic as possible.

High energy smoothies power your day
The smoothie-and-juice bar is constantly growing in popularity among the customers; especially a smoothie called “Green Thunder,” which, in spite of its green spinach colour, is full of flavour caused by the sweet mango mixed with the spinach. All the smoothies are 100% real fruit and are low in fat and high in energy, making them a good start for the day.
If you are looking for top-quality, healthy, organic food on your vacation, Lifandi markaður is the place for to go, both for shopping and to have a taste of one of Iceland’s best in the field of healthy eating in the lovely restaurant.

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