Mamma Mia - Tantalise Your Taste Buds and Satisfy Your Stomach
Mamma Mia
Tantalise Your Taste Buds and Satisfy Your Stomach
Grindavík’s a great place to stay when exploring and touring the amazing sights of the Reykjanes peninsula—but, wherever you stay, there’s always the question of where to eat! Just 200 metres from the campsite—and right opposite the newly-opened Magma museum, close to the harbour, is one of the hottest additions to the restaurant scene, Mamma Mia.
This comfortable restaurant is a pizzeria with a full complement of pizza sizes and types, all hand-made and stone-baked with a delicious crunchy crust. They produce their own ‘Mamma Mia’ pizza topped with tuna, shrimp and mussels—a real speciality.
No restaurant in a fishing town would be complete without a selection of seafood dishes. Grindavík is famous for its saltfish or bacalao, as the Spanish call it, that is so popular in Mediterranean countries. Alongside this delicious cod dish, you will also find the freshest plaice, straight from the harbour just metres away.
Whether you are hankering for a hamburger or are looking for a traditional lamb or beef steak, you’ll find them here, as this is a restaurant with a wide selection of dishes on its menu. Mamma Mia offers a choice of sandwiches with different original fillings, if you’re looking for a lighter meal. With such a variety of meals available, you can visit often and try a new dish each time.
The restaurant serves drinks of all kinds, including beers, wine and spirits. It’s a lovely place to dine outside in the warm summer evenings, sheltered from any wind. The fresh sea air is both stimulating and restful.
Mamma Mia has seating for 30 outside along with the 60 places inside. This makes it a convenient stop for lunch or an evening meal for tour groups visiting the museum. They also run the coffee shop in the museum, to which they add life with portions of salt fish that you can snack on as you enjoy the exhibition, besides offering the usual drinks and snacks.
Seated in the coffee shop, you have a view over the harbour and can watch the boats returning and unloading their catch.
Mamma Mia is open from 11:30 until 10 pm - or later, and you can order their pizzas to be delivered to your hotel, guesthouse or the campsite - even the Blue Lagoon and Northern Light Inn.

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