Salty Tours takes you to the hidden and unusual
Off the Beaten Track
Salty Tours takes you to the hidden and unusual
When you look at TripAdvisor’s reviews for Salty Tours, you’ll see how popular these tours are. Plenty of people visit the most famous sights and Þorsteinn will also take you there but he specialises in showing the Iceland that most tourists would never see.
Þorsteinn sees the value of the unconventional and this makes his tours different. Beaten paths are for beaten men - but mountain peaks are for the mighty pioneers. We visited him and he took us on a short tour to give us the idea.
From shipwrecks, thrown a hundred metres up on the shore to the bridge between the continents to a geothermal area of boiling mud pools and rocks coloured by the chemicals in the steam; it’s an area rich in history. All the time, Þorsteinn was telling us anecdotes, history, nature pointers and more. It’s no wonder his tours attract so many good reviews.

Plant Your Own Tree
Iceland is not know for its forests, but if Þorsteinn has his way, there will be a tree with your name on it growing here. He started his ‘Plant Your Own Tree in Iceland’ tour that has proven a big hit with visitors. Part spontaneous, part planned, this tour varies according to the weather - and weather changes quickly here! After picking out your tree from a plant nursery, you drive off in one of three directions to plant it - and leave your mark on the country for generations to come. On the way, he regales you with folk tales, history, and more as you see sights that few will ever see in a day filled with interest and adventure.

The Pure West
Goats? You want to see goats? Well, these are not just any goats and Háafell farm is no ordinary farm. On the way to Borgarfjörður in the West, it is the only farm in the world with Icelandic goats.They were almost extinct only a few years ago until the farmer, Jóhanna Bergmann, took an interest in them. Now, she is building up the stock of this very rare breed of Icelandic goats. You can see how she makes ointments and soaps, blending herbs and roses from her large rose garden. The goats’ milk is unpasteurised and is well-known for its health properties.
The tour starts at Hvalfjörður, ‘Whale fjord’ and Borgarfjörður. There’s a lunch stop at the Ferry House, built in 1880 by an Englishman. It’s situated on the banks of the Hvítá river and is home to the best museum of salmon fishing. The tour then heads to the farm, followed by the Hraunfoss waterfall and Deildartunguhver, the greatest flow of hot water in Europe.
This tour is all about nature and it’s a tour that takes you off the beaten tracks and main roads. Another car would be a rare sight on these roads so you get a much greater appreciation of the countryside.

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