Áskaffi Café at Glaumbær Folk Museum
Traditional Pastries and Local Food
Áskaffi Café at Glaumbær Folk Museum
Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt at home? Áskaffi coffee shop and restaurant is one of those rare finds which more and more people include as a part of their travels in the north of the country.
Auður Herdís Sigurðardóttir has been in charge of Áskaffi since 2001. “I love what I do and do what I love,” she says. And it shows. Her coffee shop is in an old wooden house with a stone foundation which dates back to 1886. Its furniture and decorations match the period.
Postcards with popular recipes
After being inundated with requests for the recipe for her Sherry cake for close to two decades, Herdís finally found the solution. She’s designed two postcards with the recipe, one in English and one in German. “It’s a recipe which has belonged to the coffee shop since its opening,” Herdís says, and confesses that there’s real Sherry in it—generously measured!

Soups for Small Groups
Tourist guides and their guests love Áskaffi’s signature dishes which include seafood soup made with locally produced trout and locally caught shrimp, and lamb soup made with local lamb and vegetables. “The secret to success when making lamb soup is to first boil the meat and the bones together before adding the vegetables and removing the bones,” says Herdís. Soups can be ordered for groups of 10-40 at a time.
Delicious Bread and Pastries
Delicious pastries which, in essence, look and taste the same as people used to serve in Iceland between 1940-1960 are on offer every day. There are kleinur – twisted doughnuts, lagtertur – four layer white cake with rhubarb jam, brúnkaka – four layer brown cake, and soðbrauð – fried bread. The open sandwiches are made with freshly baked bread served with simple but delicious toppings – local smoked trout, for example.

New in 2012
Salting, smoking and pickling preceded refrigeration as a way to preserve food in Iceland. This summer, Herdís offers a taste of traditional food preserved in the old style served on a plate which she designed. “The idea is to give our customers the opportunity to taste traditional salted, smoked and pickled food without having to buy three separate dishes.” The plate designed by Herdís is a souvenir and is included in the price.

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