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Hotel Framtíð of Djúpivogur
Accommodation for every budget
It’s rather rare in Iceland to find so many types of accommodation owned by just one company, but Hotel Framtíð has got it all covered; kind of a one-stop shop for all your accommodation needs, right in the centre of Djúpivogur.
Facilities are centrally located within the vicinity of the main building at the harbour. There is a camp site, a separate building for sleeping bag accommodation, 3 self-contained apartments which are great for families and small groups and 4 brand-new self-contained cottages that sleep 2-3 persons each. The century-old main house boasts a new wing with 18 double rooms and en-suite bathrooms, a large breakfast/meeting room, the restaurant and 8 cosy bedrooms with shared and private facilities on the upper floor.
The postcard setting for Hotel Framtíð couldn’t be more delightful. The restaurant overlooks a small harbour with colourful fishing boats and even the passing sailing yacht. We joke that the fish in the harbour are so close that they simply jump out of the water and land directly on our plates. Owner Thorir explains, “Well, its not too far from the truth, as the fishermen are only going out maybe one kilometre from the harbour to fish”.
A favourite of tour guides in Iceland, the popular daily special at Hotel Framtíð is always the catch of the day, whether it be cod, trout, halibut, haddock, redfish or plaice. Other excellent menu items include starters such as mussels (local of course), cooked in white wine, an almost addictive goose breast carpaccio and main dishes such as the heavenly roast lamb fillet or grilled langoustine with garlic butter.
Now that you are comfortably settled into your lodging, you’ll want to spend a day or two exploring Djúpivogur and its surroundings. The Island of Papey, believed to be the home of Irish monks and hermits before the Settlement, makes for an interesting day trip. The 2 km-square island was inhabited until 1966 and is now home to many thousands of pairs of puffins. Only reachable by boat, tours to the island leave the harbour daily at 13:00, returning at 17:00. Seals are often visible resting on the skerries and tours to the island include a guided hike and visit to Iceland’s oldest and smallest 18th century wooden church.

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