Art and nature collide at Gallery Front
Your own piece of Iceland
Art and nature collide at Gallery Front
In soothing closeness to the sea and nature, artists Valdís and her daughter, Karen, have made their long term dream come true. At their gorgeous home, by the shores of Kjalanes, they have opened a gallery, selling their distinctive craftwork made mostly from stones found on the slopes of the nearby mountain and on the beach by their doorstep.
Valdís, who has been fascinated by stones since childhood and an avid collector, says they constantly look for stones shaped in a way that allows them to transform them simply by painting them.
The stones, elaborately painted in beautiful colours, take on a whole new life, and become their own element. The brilliant thing is that they don’t change the shape of the stones in any way, their natural form drives the creative process and the final outcome, making each piece one of a kind, a unique blend of art and nature.
Karen, having a keen artistic eye, also makes jewellery and ornaments from seashells and decorative pearls, which make great presents. Also, their little heart-shaped stones, small enough to fit into a child’s hand, and their funny little ‘houses’ are wonderful souvenirs. After all, what could be more perfect to bring home with you than a small piece of Iceland in your pocket?

Gallery Front
Búagrund 13 • 116 Reykavik

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