Thai Express gives you a healthy bite from the exotic East
Best spice in town
Thai Express gives you a healthy bite from the exotic East
Thai Express in Mosfellsbær, with their authentic Thai cooking and reasonable prices, has been an instant success. It was a great addition to the local life and is a perfect stop for lunch or dinner for people passing through town who are looking for an alternative to the typical fast food meal. It’s a nice place to sit down in but yet has a quick service and tasty, healthy food. Its also a great choice for the growing number of tourists staying in Mosfellsbær since what could be nicer on a beautiful spring night than to have a picnic with your take away!
The menu has all the classic Thai favourites such as rich curries and stir-fry dishes, fried rice and noodles with either meat or vegetables, deep-fried dishes such as shrimp and spring rolls with an assortment of sauces to choose from, like the classic satay and the delicious mango and coriander. As an extra healthy choice they offer freshly pressed juice from fruit and vegetables and protein shakes with berries. They also have a special children’s menu and various offers and guests can buy beer and wine with their meal.

Thai Express is located on first floor in the small shopping centre of Mosfellsbær, Kjarninn.

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