Mosfellsbær opens a new tourist information office at the lovely Hotel Laxnes
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Mosfellsbær opens a new tourist information office at the lovely Hotel Laxnes
As the hometown of Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness, Mosfellsbær has long been a popular stop for travellers. Every year, thousands of tourists visit his former home, now a museum. The area has a lot more to offer, however and consequently the town, in collaboration with the local Hotel Laxnes, has set up an excellent information office for visitors.

Perfect location, plenty to do
Located at Hotel Laxnes, in the heart of town, the Information Office helps both people passing through and hotel guests organise their stay and get the most from their visit. This makes the world of a difference for visitors and can save both time and money, of course. Hotel manager, Shaun Roberts, says most people come to Mosfellsbær to visit Álafoss woollen factory or hike up nearby Mount Esja but are pleasantly surprised by the range of other activities and services at hand.
The mountainous area around the town is ideal for walks and hikes and opportunities for outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, fishing and swimming, are numerous. Shaun adds that much of the growing popularity of Mosfellsbær is due to its brilliant location. Right on Route One, it’s a natural stop when heading both west and north but it’s also the perfect place for those who want to stay in a relaxed environment surrounded by untouched nature, just minutes away from the city.
The no. 15 bus stops literally at the doorstep of Hotel Laxnes and it only takes about fifteen minutes to get to Reykjavík and less to Esja. You can easily stroll from the hotel to the most interesting sites in Mosfellsbær, such as Álafoss, where you’ll find, in addition to the famous woollen outlet, a café and restaurant with a veranda and an excellent menu. Across the street from the hotel, you have the popular local bakery and café, a nice pub and restaurant serving, among other meals, fresh fish and great salads as well as a lovely giftstore where local craftspeople sell their creations. In summer, you can buy homegrown vegetables and other goods at the farmers’ markets at nearby Reykir and Mosfellsdalur.

Hotel Laxnes

The hotel, open since 2008, has played a significant role in making Mosfellsbær attractive for tourists. The house is a country lodge with spacious and tastefully decorated rooms. The upper floor has a beautiful view of mount Esja and this summer, the hotel will have bicycles for rent and an outdoor hot tub. Customers agree that the hotel’s cheerful, personal atmosphere and the staff’s eagerness to please, really makes it stand out.    
By increasing its service to tourists, Mosfellsbær is making the town’s attractions as accessible to visitors as possible. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful place to spend your day or an invigorating holiday resort, Mosfellsbær is sure to satisfy. Just stop by and see.

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