A warm welcome at Hvammstangi
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A warm welcome at Hvammstangi
Though the most densely populated area in the beautiful west Húnaþing County, Hvammstangi has a population of a mere 580 and welcomes visitors with all the warmth and hospitality of a small village. Being in close vicinity to Vatnsnes, with its gorgeous scenery and historical sites, and with a seal habitat within walking distance, it’s an interesting and highly memorable place to visit. The town has a great swimming pool with a waterslide and well-reviewed guesthouses, not to mention one of the most wonderful camping grounds in the country. Situated in a peaceful dale and sheltered by the surrounding mountains, it’s a paradise for families: secluded but yet with all services to hand, including sanitary and leisure facilities and stores.
The town’s general store, as indicated by the name, sells practically everything you might need: groceries, hardware and farm produce, while also housing the local liquor store. First founded in 1909, it’s a joint ownership of the farmers and the people of Hvammstangi and as such, sticks to old values and trade practices. In many ways it’s the heart of the community and sums up the spirit of the village.

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