Blönduós, the Town by the Bay
A River runs through it
Blönduós, the Town by the Bay
Blönduós, on the northwest coast, is beautifully situated on the banks of Húnaflói bay. The town is named after the river Blandá, one of the largest fishing rivers in the country, which runs through the town all the way from Hofsjökull glacier and into Húnaflói Bay.
One of the area’s most treasured locations is Hrútey, a small protected island which lies in Blandá. Hrútey is accessible by a footbridge and is a wonderful place to spend the day hiking and picnicking. There’s a rich birdlife on the island and therefore it´s closed between April 20th and June 20th, for the protection of the nesting and eggs.
Unique museums

Blönduós especially prides itself on four splendid museums, some of which are one of a kind in the country and give a fascinating insight into the nation’s history and way of life.

The Icelandic Salmon Centre

The town’s proximity to one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland and the popularity of fishing as a sport has led to the foundation of The Icelandic Salmon Centre which will open in the beginning of June, 2012. The centre will provide extensive background of the biology and habitats of the salmon as well as their part in Icelandic food culture and the history of salmon fishing. The exhibition is sure to be both educational and entertaining and has a special area for children.

The Icelandic Textile Centre
The Icelandic Textile Centre is located in the old Women’s handcraft college and works to promote textile art and design. It has an ongoing project which involves creating an embroidered tapestry depicting a stormy family saga from the area, written in the 13th century.

The Sea Ice Exhibition Centre

Through the ages, the people of the north coast of Iceland have had to deal with the difficulties stemming from sea ice, the very thing which gave the country its name. The Sea Ice Exhibition Centre offers visitors an understanding of this natural phenomena and it’s impact on people’s lives in the northern regions.

The Textile Museum 
The Textile Museum was originally founded by the Women’s Union and is housed in the old handcraft college. In 2003, it moved to a beautiful new house, specially designed for it’s ambitious operation. It’s a unique museum that celebrates the artistry of women’s handcraft and has an impressive collection of homemade wool and textile items as well as beautiful Icelandic national costumes, artistic embroideries and many of the tools and equipment used to produce them. It also exhibits the work of contemporary textile designers.
Amenities in Blönduós
Blönduós has a good camping area, guesthouses and a hotel as well as several restaurants and cafés and there are plenty of recreation opportunities. You’ll also find horse rental, a small golf course and an excellent swimming pool with hot tubs, a waterslide and a kids’ pool.

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