Bird for a million
The most amazing bird photo is worth a million Icelandic kronor
Between the 14th of May and 31st of August 2012, visitors to the Troll peninsula, can participate in a photography competition for the best bird photo taken in the Tröllskagi area. There is such a rich variety of bird life on Tröllaskagi that there are many different possibilities for photographers to get great bird photos.

The Potential
There has always been considerable interest in bird life among Icelanders, and bird-watching tourism in Iceland is growing quickly as visitors realise its possibilities.
With high cliffs, many lakes, wetlands and a nature reserve in the valley of Svarfaðardalur, Tröllaskagi, or the Troll peninsula, in the North, where the towns of Ólafsfjörður, Siglufjörður and Dalvík are located, has among the largest variety of bird species living there. As you can see from the photos, there is a wide range of different possible settings to produce beautiful photos.
The Procedure
You can register at any time before or during the competition by sending an email to either the Brimnes Hotel or Rauðka. The following box has all the infomation you need:
“What people need to do to have a chance to win the award is to capture a photo of a bird in Tröllaskagi or the islands of Hrísey and Grímsey, that the selection committee judges to be of outstanding quality and originality as well as being of value for the area,” says Axel Pétur, who runs the Brimnes Hotel.
When you are ready with your photos, you can send them to the same email addresses, take them personally or mail them on CD to either:

Brimnes Hotel,
Bylgjubyggd 2, 625 Olafsfjörður/Fjallabyggd
Rauðka restaurant,
Sudurgata 10, 580 Siglufjörður/Fjallabyggd
The Prize
The finalists will receive the ‘Trollbird Awards’ and the winner gets the ‘Trollbird Statue’ as well as the amount of:  1,000,000 ISK.  approx. $7,800/€6,000 in April 2012

The Promoters

Brimnes Hotel - is in a spectacular location in Ólafsfjörður. “We want to draw attention to the Tröllskagi area as this is the ideal place to see so many unique bird varieties in Iceland”, says Axel.
Rauðka restaurants, Hannes Boy and Kaffi Rauðka are ideally located at Siglufjörður’s picturesque marina and cater to all kinds of visitors to Siglufjörður, which is a bird-watcher’s paradise. It’s a hobby that builds up a healthy appetite that the Rauðka restaurants satisfy in the best possible way.
The jury is led by the veteran bird photographer and ornithologist Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, who also is the chairman of Fuglavernd—BirdLife Iceland. The aim of the organization is both the protection of birds and also to make access to bird-watching better all around the country, by building information signs, parking lots etc. in popular bird watching areas.

A home for the Harlequin Duck and the Great Northern Diver
Most of the birds seen on Tröllaskagi are migratory, as rather few bird species live in Iceland all year around. “One cannot forget the Atlantic Puffin. Grímsey is home to one of the largest puffin colonies in Iceland. Then we have species found in Iceland but nowhere else in Europe, such as the colourful Harlequin Duck and the Great Northern Diver, which might therefore be of a great interest to visitors. Those who have an interest in watching birds are often also people who care for nature and wildlife conservation.” says Magnús Sveinsson, one of those who have the greatest knowledge of birdlife in the area. He has created the website to serve as an information bank for bird enthusiasts.
According to Magnús, the best time visit Iceland is during the breeding season from mid-May through June. That is when the birds become the most colourful both in their plumage and their behaviour between the genders. Most of the birds keep their colourful appearance throughout the whole summer, though. Who really wants to change summer clothes for winter outfits?
This is the second time the contest is being held. In the first one, the winning photo was shot by Mr Einar Gudmann, an excellent and well-known bird and wildlife photographer.

Registration Information
Brimnes Hotel
The entrance fee for participation is 5,000 krona of which 1,000 krona is donated to Fuglavernd – BirdLife Iceland. The deadline for submission is the 5th of September.
Full details are on the website

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